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The International Security Observer (ISO) is a web-based think tank on international security and defence affairs. It was created in September 2011 in order to foster the next generation of security experts by encouraging discussions on strategic issues among junior and senior analysts. ISO’s strength lies within its worldwide network of volunteer contributors, who come from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines. So far, ISO has hosted thoughts, insights and articles from more than 50 contributors from Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Security Advisor

Following the recent attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait, should states increase their spending in intelligence and security operations? Following the recent wave of terrorist attacks, should states increase the budget…


The International Security Observer is a proud partner of the Security Jam 2014 and invite you to join the global discussion. On October 14-16 you can exchange ideas with thousands worldwide and…


The International Security Observer (ISO) retains the copyright on all articles published on the website, unless specified otherwise. Reprinting or republication of any articles on websites is not authorised, unless…

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