Claudia Nocente

Claudia Nocente is contributor at the International Security Observer. Claudia is a Research Associate for the European Geopolitical Forum (EGF) in Brussels and the Head of the Diplomatic Affairs Department of Model NATO Youth Summit (MoNYS) 2013. She was born in Italy and received her BA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Padua (Italy) in 2009, and her MA from the University of Kent in Brussels in International Conflict Analysis in 2011. She has a genuine academic and professional interest in MENA countries and has recently co-authored a chapter on counter-insurgency policies and strategies in the Global South for a forthcoming publication (The Rise of the Global South: Philosophical, Geopolitical and Economic Trends of the 21st Century, World Scientific Publishing Company). She is fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish and is currently approaching Classic Arabic.