Understanding National Security Strategies


2016-02-10_13h11_02Abstract: This paper aims to set out a framework for the analysis of national security strategies.

This will be achieved in three steps. First of all, I will define what national security means. In so doing, I will go through the definitions and redefinitions of the concept of national security has provided by scholars so far. I will identify the pros and cons of the “narrow” and the “wider” agenda of national security. Then, I will seek to compromise both approaches into a new definition of national security. Secondly, I will analyze the threats that can put at stake national security. I will proceed by dividing national security into conceptual spheres of security. This reduction will help us to analyze threats in three specific sub-security sectors: the politico-military security, the economic security and the energy security. Subsequently, I will reassemble the sectors in order to recompose the unity of national security. Thus, I will underline how this process points out areas of inter-sectoral connections between sectors. Finally, I will identify what are the variables that generate different security strategies. In this regards, I will focus on two set of variables: external and internal to the state. The former concerns the “system” in which the state acts, while the latter, instead, is about a state’s domestic qualities, such as socio-political strength and strategic culture. The different combination of this set of variables will explain why different states adopt different security strategies.

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Edoardo Camilli

Edoardo Camilli is the founder and director of the International Security Observer. He is also CEO and Co-Founder of Hozint – Horizon Intelligence, a global risk and travel security solution provider. His research activities focus on intelligence, insurgency, organised crime and national security policies. Edoardo holds a Master in International Relations and a second level Master in Intelligence and Security. Edoardo is alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and European Young Leader Under 40 (EYL40). He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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